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Klopp's new role for Elliot to become a starter in his line-up

The trend the Reds have set in the PL   

By Charles Cornwall

The trend the Reds have set in the PL   
The trend the Reds have set in the PL   
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Even though the top brass of the English game has been a detriment to Liverpool's great tournament, this institution has found a way to excel despite off-field adversity, shining at the top of England thanks to its consistency, its great players, its epic comebacks and now also for its flashy celebrations during their scores, being vice-captain Trent Alexander Arnold who started this new mode with the famous gesture of silence to the entire Etihad Stadium.

After TAA repeated the same gesture, but this time during an epic and unexpected comeback against Fulham, the match against Crystal Palace was to have the same home stamp with an irreverent celebration, and while Salah decided to just make a euphoric shout to make it 1-1, Harvey Elliott tried to emulate Alexander Arnold with a great mid-range shot that gave them the victory of the match, giving this player a great postcard where he makes a gesture imitating Goku who is a character from the Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball Z.

Elliott's strike from close range is a device that he had already displayed weeks earlier during his England internationals, transporting this great football to a Liverpool team that can only give him countless plaudits for what he did during this match, with the revelation of his strike going so far that the Reds are top of the Premier League after Arsenal went down 1-0 to Aston Villa in the hours after Liverpool's comeback.

While unexpected celebrations are becoming a unique Liverpool fad, fans can't deny that another constant for their team that they want to see repeated for more games is spectacular goals, as they did against Fulham and now Palace.

Elliott continues to fight for a starting berth  

Undoubtedly what Harvey Elliott did this weekend will be taken into account by a Jürgen Klopp who is looking to have in all his positions this kind of high football competition, gaining merits this element in attack for future exhibitions where his entry as a substitute or as a starter is committed to get results similar to those of today.

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