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Liverpool FC Women's schedule is out and we already know when we'll face United

The Reds know their new fixture

By Charles Cornwall

The Reds know their new fixture
The Reds know their new fixture
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This tuesday was released the new schedule for the Liverpool's FC Womens team. Now, the team led by Matt Beard knows when and where they'll meet the other 11 teams in the Barclays Women's Super League. 

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The first game will be against Reading away on September 10. Although that is a tough visit, Liverpool is rewarded with two home games next against the always difficult Chelsea and the derby against Everton, which means Reds fans can go to support at home to win the derby. 

October will be another heavy month since the fixture presents a set of three very difficult games with two hard visits. The tenth month will have Arsenal at home, but two away games against Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City. 

Clash of titans

It won't be until January of next year that Liverpool will face Manchester United and it will be in Manchester's field. If that wasn't enough, Beard's team will have to visit Chelsea FC right next to that game. Fortunately, Liverpool is building the best team on the league to become champions and defeat all these great rivals. 

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