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Liverpool dominate wins over Manchester United since Red Monday 2016

By Charles Cornwall

Liverpool dominate wins over Manchester United since Red Monday 2016

Whatever happens, this Monday should be better than Red Monday 2016 when Liverpool and Manchester United drew 0-0.

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Whatever happens, this Monday should be better than the red Monday of 2016 when Liverpool and Manchester United drew 0-0. Two words we never want to hear again in a match that is considered a classic between the two clubs, yet another edition to be given in a few more hours, just on another Monday since that year.

Erik ten Hag is on a mission to turn this sinking ship around, but two defeats in the first two Premier League games has been a difficult start. For Liverpool, the Klopp era continues to deliver success, even if the Reds are still searching for their first win of the current campaign, with two draws in the opening fixtures so far.

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Once again, since 2016, the derby will be on a Monday, but hopefully it won't be another 0-0 draw as it was that year. Liverpool hold a 13-2 aggregate advantage from the last three meetings, and that 5-0 win at Old Trafford was a stake through the heart of Solskjaer's reign as manager. With protests against United's ownership, we could see another sour atmosphere if the result does not go in the home side's favour.

Red Monday

In 2016, Jurgen Klopp went head-to-head against Jose Mourinho at Anfield. The two best clubs in the history of English football. It promised to be one of the best encounters the Premier League has ever seen. It was a cup final, which was strange considering the game was seven days into the new season, with Liverpool and United battling for the top four at the time.

At Anfield, it looked as if Eric Cantona was going to emerge from the tunnel with a burst shirt collar to face Robbie Fowler. Instead of seeing the King and the God, we saw Marouane Fellaini, Chris Smalling and Zlatan Ibrahimovic physically imposing themselves on Liverpool, while taking the life and rhythm out of the game.

Liverpool's side was going through a transition. Loris Karius, Nathaniel Clyne and Dejan Lovren started, while Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino were unable to cause United any problems. It ended 0-0.  

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Sunday 24 October 2021 - Manchester United 0-5 Liverpool
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Sunday 17 January 2021 - Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United
Sunday 19 January 2020 - Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United
Sunday 20 October 2019 - Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool
Sunday 24 February 2019 - Manchester United 0-0 Liverpool
Sunday 16 December 2018 - Liverpool 3-1 Manchester United
Saturday 10 March 2018 - Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool
Saturday 14 October 2017 - Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United
Sunday 15 January 2017 - Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool
Monday, 17 October 2016 - Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United


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