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Liverpool legend to face legal consequences for abusing child

By Charles Cornwall

Liverpool legend to face legal consequences for abusing child

Jamie Carragher snatched a cell phone from an autistic child when he was filming him

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Another problem is looming for Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, who is facing legal action for snatching a cell phone from an autistic boy while filming him. The Sky Sports commentator was caught mistreating the child and his mother threatened to press charges against him in the coming days.

Jamie Carragher played for Liverpool for his whole career. He debuted in 1996 and retired in 2013 playing 737 games and scoring four goals. Juice always defense and the number of his shirt was 23. Although he never won the Premier League, he lifted the Champions League in 2005 and UEFA Cup trophies.

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The former defender has been in the spotlight in recent days. He showed his euphoria with several tweets. First he said Newcastle’s defeat was due to karma, then he highlighted the work of young Harvey Elliot and Fabio Carvalho to score 2-1 on the scoreboard.

In another tweet, he acknowledged Newcastle coach Eddie Howe’s setup and organisation, but complained about the team’s time wasted during the final part of the game thinking the draw would be good for them.

Carragher's other problems

In 2018, Jamie Carragher was suspended from Sky Sports, where he works as a commentator, for spitting on a 14-year-old girl. Afterwards, the former footballer was able to return to his duties on the channel.


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