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Liverpool represents the city and its culture in the new jersey

By Charles Cornwall

Liverpool represents the city and its culture in the new jersey

The whole world wants to know the story behind Liverpool's new kit and here it is

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This tuesday, the new Liverpool FC alternative jersey was unvailed and it has an interesting story behind. Everyone knows about the music culture that goes with the city of Liverpool, you can't visit Liverpool and don't think about The Beatles or many more historic music bands that are originated from there.

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That is why, the new jersey looks the way it does. Basically, it's inspired by the influence Liverpool had both football wise and musically in the 80's, specially in the dance music scene. Over the white base, there are different patterns of multi colour lines over the jersey that try to represent those times where Liverpool was trendy with its music. 

The jersey was debuted in the friendly match against Manchester United, so fans all around the world didn't have to wait much long to see it. Though the result wasn't good, fans can find in this new jersey an interesting story about the city their favorite club is born. “It’s not often we get to wear a jersey on the day of the reveal, so it will be a special moment for the squad to show off the new design in our first pre-season fixture.” Jordan Henderson told to 

A nice, thoughtful message

The back of the jersey also has a representative message. There's a block of white space to represent the individuality of each player, giving space to their name and number. The back also features the 97 emblem the club adopted to represent the lives of the innocent people in Hillsborough. 

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