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Liverpool scouts looking for this player in Hamburg

By Charles Cornwall

Liverpool scouts looking for this player in Hamburg

Liverpool are believed to be scouting Hamburg's Mario Vuskovic, according to reports.

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They claim that Liverpool are one of several clubs with scouts at Hamburg games right now. In fact, there’s barely enough room to fit all of the watching representatives from various clubs. And while no one can 100% which player each scout is looking at, Bild have a very good idea – Mario Vuskovic. He’s the bright young thing at Hamburg right now after signing permanently there this year.

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The Hamburger Morgenpost believes he’ll leave quickly, though, despite his £3m arrival only happening a few months ago. That would certainly explain the interest from scouts as they won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to sign Vuskovic.

Liverpool appear to be scouting Mario Vuskovic

We obviously can’t say for sure that Liverpool want Vuskovic. We can look back to last summer, in fact, when reports in Portugal claimed the Reds were watching Otavio and Fabio Vieira, only for them to sign Luis Diaz from Porto.

But given Hamburg are a second-division team these days, there are a limited number of players Liverpool could actually be looking at. It seems a good bet that Vuskovic is the one, especially with reports that he will be on the move.

And it also makes sense that Liverpool are looking for young centre-backs. Both Joel Matip and Virgil van Dijk are beyond 30 now and have had serious injuries. The Reds will want successors – Vuskovic could be a cheap gamble in that regard.

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