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Liverpool's assistent manager is launching a book with the team's insights.

Book called ‘Intensity’ will launch in August

By Charles Cornwall

Book called ‘Intensity’ will launch in August
Book called ‘Intensity’ will launch in August
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Pep Lijnders is Jürgen Klopp's assistent manager, and he will release a new book called ‘Intensity’ which is all about day to day Liverpool way of life under the Klopp era, specially the 2021-22 preseason and regular season.

This book will try to show the world how Klopp's team works, not just in a playbook point of view, but also with testimonies that show how the coach motivates the team, and even how other players influence the good vibes inside the team. 

More about the book

‘Intensity’ will be launched August 4, although you can pre order it now in Liverpool's home page. About the book, Lijnders said: “I decided we would hold nothing back in this book; what you read is what happened as it happened throughout the course of the season. I believe this book is for anybody who loves the game."


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