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Liverpool's first blow to Man United before starting the match

Anfield is the largest stadium in England

By Charles Cornwall

Anfield is the largest stadium in England
Anfield is the largest stadium in England
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One more match is taking place between Liverpool and Manchester United, in what is expected to be an excellent match where the Reds seek to continue with the leadership of the Premier League, it could also be a match in which Man United could end up sinking into the England league standings.


 Upon his arrival at Anfield you can breathe an atmosphere where things are clear and Liverpool is the leader and the Dutch coach Erik ten Hag knows it, so upon his arrival at Anfield you can see him with a face full of fear, since which is already the first victory and off the playing field.
Which is undoubtedly normal, since things have not gone well for the coach with Manchester and when he arrives at one of the best stadiums in the world, fear runs through every corner of his mind and this will be the first factor to mark. the difference of the match, where without a doubt Liverpool is the favorite to win the match and thus continue with the leadership, which Arsenal now has after their match.

Erik ten Hag arrives at Anfield after having lost in the Premier League and at home against Bournemouth 0-3, and then lost 1-0 in the Champions League against Bayern Munich and thus ending his adventure in the European cups. Which was undoubtedly another big blow for Man U, so upon arrival all of Manchester United trembles at Anfield.

People are doing their job

After the terror in the face of the arrival of ten Hag, the people are proving to be the best fans in the world, putting pressure on the rival with their chants, ending up asserting their home ground, making everything favorable for the victory of the Reds at home and with its people who are excited about this team.

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