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Liverpool's measures to prevent anti-social and criminal behaviour at Anfield

By Charles Cornwall

Liverpool's measures to prevent anti-social and criminal behaviour at Anfield

Liverpool Football Club tackled anti-social and criminal behaviour in the new season.

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Liverpool adopted strong football-wide measures to tackle anti-social and criminal behaviour at football grounds in the new season. Precautions include: entering the pitch without permission, carrying or using smoke bombs or pyrotechnics and throwing objects onto the pitch, as well as discriminatory behaviour and drug use. All of these actions are illegal, dangerous and have no place for the team.

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According to Liverpool, for the sake of safety, all clubs will report offenders to the police. Prosecution by the police may result in a permanent criminal record, which could affect your employment and education, and in some cases result in a prison sentence.

Anyone entering the ground without permission or using smoke bombs or pyrotechnics will now receive an automatic ban. It could now also apply to parents or guardians of children who engage in such activities.

Liverpool called on fans to join together to also denounce those who commit these illegal acts do not represent the majority of fans. "Since the return of fans to stadiums following the pandemic, there has been an increase in anti-social and criminal behaviour on match days across football," said Andy Hughes, LFC's chief executive.

In light of this, the team will support the new measures implemented by the FA, Premier League, EFL and Football Supporters' Association in the quest to ensure Anfield is a safe and enjoyable place for all. "Please support us by reporting any anti-social, criminal or discriminatory behaviour to your nearest steward, to a police officer or via our Red Together reporting form," said Andy. 

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