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Luis Diaz was asked about Salah and assured - "I am proud of myself"

By Charles Cornwall

Luis Diaz was asked about Salah and assured - "I am proud of myself"

Luis Diaz is not at his best with Liverpool, despite good performances he has not been able to achieve the desired victory this season.  

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After a brilliant first season with Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp's side have made a quiet start to the season in which they have failed to register a win. In the midst of that situation, Luis Diaz is relieved to have already scored a goal, but the outlook is far from ideal.

His relationship with Mohamed Salah, the team's crisis, his current situation and his dealings with the fans are the most talked-about topics surrounding Luis Diaz. Speaking to Sky Sports, the striker accepted that it has been a difficult start to the season: "It's not exactly the start we wanted for the season. We're a club that goes out to win three points in every game we play," he added.

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On what's next, Diaz said Liverpool know they need to do their job and train hard, get plenty of rest and look ahead to the next game so they can start to accumulate some points and get a good start to the season, starting this weekend when they face Bournemouth.

The relationship with Salah

"It's great for me to be able to share a position in the team with Mo. I've watched him for so many years on TV in so many tournaments and I'd like to say I'm proud of myself, to have come to this position where I can share these experiences with him, wear the same shirt and be a team-mate of his. It's really something special," he said.

Despite rumours from some fans that the Egyptian does not pass him the ball, Diaz indicated that he is proud of what he does on the pitch. "Every day, playing alongside players like him helps you improve, not only football-wise as a player but also as a person. He's a great guy and there's a very special connection between me and him, and between all of us," he added. 

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