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No more lies, former Man City player reveals why Klopp is better than Guardiola

Klopp's demanding nature is the basis of his success 

By Charles Cornwall

Klopp's demanding nature is the basis of his success 
Klopp's demanding nature is the basis of his success 
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James Milner and Jürgen Klopp arrived at Liverpool at the end of 2015, so they have shared a great deal of time together over the last 7 years, with Klopp arriving to revolutionise the Reds' style of play and Milner to be one of the leaders who led the team to win virtually everything, being a worthy and comprehensive European champion.

While James Milner arrived from a direct rival of the Reds, as he finished his contract with Manchester City, where he showed great technical quality and great leadership, to join the Reds in July 2015, being along with Jordan Henderson the leaders of the midfield. Jürgen joined the Reds in October 2015 from Borussia Dortmund, where he had left a great legacy full of titles and great seasons titles and great seasons.

While the German manager's character has always been known to be a bit forceful, James Milner recently revealed what it was like to work with the German tactician and said "He's not the best guy to share your emotions with on the break! I remember one time he was giving his opinion and I was giving him mine and he shouted: 'Shut your mouth!' But Jürgen was brilliant, a great man. Being very direct in his statements.

Klopp may not always be the best person to talk to, but his efficiency in matches means that the players do not hesitate to follow his instructions. The German tactician rarely fails, so his credibility is widespread with both the fans and the players, so Klopp will always respond with results on the pitch when questioned about the way he has acted at times.


Milner may have had a past with the Citizens but he is undoubtedly a Reds man at heart


James Milner will always be well-remembered at Anfield as a tough, intelligent player who won over the Liverpool fans, as his performances and his level of play helped the Reds to remain the best in the world by winning it all with the Reds. Milner was a player who provided great stability and balance to the team in midfield, giving his all in every game and showing his love for Liverpool.