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Nunez and Diaz's potential conflicts at Liverpool that Kloop did not expect

By Charles Cornwall

Nunez and Diaz's potential conflicts at Liverpool that Kloop did not expect

Liverpool will organise their attack with the arrival of Darwin Nunez and the first full season of Luis Diaz, who would be in charge of leading the team.

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Although Luis Diaz had a very good season with Liverpool, and Mohamed Salah has already signed a new contract with the team, the pairing with Darwin Nunez has not entirely convinced fans and some critics on social media. Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp has said he is convinced by his players and hopes for a better campaign after losing the Premiership and Champions League, but talk is not everything in life.

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Fabinho's opinion on Nunez and Diaz 

Fabinho Tavares spoke about his relationship with Luis Diaz, who, along with Salah, is leading Liverpool in this new phase. His relationship with him goes beyond football, as they have built a solid friendship and communicate in Portuguese.

"From the beginning of my time at Liverpool, Bobby and his family were very important to me and to me. family were very important to me and to Ali as well. It was natural since we speak Portuguese. It also helped the wives to settle down. Now the wives have become very good friends. We always try to get together. It's the same with Thiago's family and Luis' family. You need friendships like that.

Fabinho also gave his opinion on another South American as Uruguay's Darwin Nunez, who has joined from Benfica. "He might need a bit of time to adapt, let's see, but a player like him can really change a team. He's a real number nine. He's a goalscorer."

The truth is that Kloop has a chance-generating duo, but in recent pre-season games, Nunez and Diaz have failed to score goals, after losing in the first instance against Manchester United and only winning by a 2-0 scoreline against Crystal Palace in Singapore. 

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