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One player from a historic rival envies what Liverpool is doing

By Charles Cornwall

One player from a historic rival envies what Liverpool is doing

One of Chelsea's players thinks that his team should copy what Liverpool is doing

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Chelsea's defense, Ben Chilwell, talked about the level of football Liverpool has been showing the past seasons, considering the Reds finished in second place last Premier League, and that they got to the Champions League final. In his words: “Liverpool have set the bar” for the other clubs to imitate what they are doing. 

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Although Chelsea won the Champions League last year, they haven't been real competitors in Premier League or even this season of the Champions League, let's remember they went through a real crisis coinsidering what happened with Roman Abramovich due to the conflicts with Ukraine and Russia. Chelsea also were world champions last year. 

The Blue's player told Football London the following: “City and Liverpool have set the bar, for maybe the last five years, which every other team in the league is aspiring to get at. I’d say we’re the closest to them, and we’re aspiring to get on the same level as them.”

Trying to be like Liverpool

"We showed in patches last season that we could compete with them, but it's that consistency that they've shown — they're not just one-season wonders. They've done it season-in, season-out for the last five years." was part of the statement Chilwell made. 

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