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Players who have played for Liverpool and Manchester United

Both clubs share an interesting history in PL

By Charles Cornwall

Both clubs share an interesting history in PL
Both clubs share an interesting history in PL
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Although Liverpool and Manchester United have made very clear the enmity they have every time they play a Premier League match, it is interesting to know that several former footballers interpreted this rivalry differently as they had no problem having worn his career the shirt of both institutions, although yes, there are very few cases that have been presented so far.

One of the most curious cases on the list of former footballers who had a past with both institutions is that of Tom Miller, an element who was involved in controversy during the year 1915, since while playing with Liverpool he was accused of match-fixing. match in favor of Manchester United, and although there was no conclusive evidence of the case, it is curious that some time later this player will be part of the Red Devils.


Close to the new century, the attacker Paul Ince was one of the references and even considered an idol of Manchester United having won a dozen trophies with them, but in 1997 his departure had not been considered a betrayal since it was towards Italy together with Inter , but his early return to the Premie League alongside Liverpool left many at Old Trafford disappointed.


Another element of Man United that ended up being part of the Liverpool ranks was the attacking midfielder, Peter Beardsley, and after not having gained relevance in his first months with the team, this element emigrated to Canada to later return to Newcastle , a club that did not retain him for long and in 1987 his transfer to Liverpool was completed, with Peter winning a league and an FA Cup with the Reds during his time.

The ultimate betrayal came from Anfield

Perhaps the most relevant case so far has been that of Michael Owen, and that is that this English forward after becoming a legend at Anfield, even winning the Ballon d'Or, left the institution to have an unsuccessful stint in the Real Madrid due to the countless injuries he had, opting to return to England, but to Manchester United where his career would almost come to an end after having only played 52 games with the Old Trafford team.

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