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Premier League points tally not a concern for Jurgen Klopp

By Charles Cornwall

Premier League points tally not a concern for Jurgen Klopp

The German manager said it doesn't help to be worrying because other teams already have nine points.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is not worried about the number of points they have in the Premier League. According to the German manager, people can worry about points, but it doesn't help to be thinking that if it's three games in and there are teams with nine points already.

"I think this team has performed in the last four or five years at an unbelievably high level, a consistently high level. Two years ago there was a little bit of a dip [with] injuries, but other than that they've always been on the winning side," the Reds boss said. 

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Klopp commented that there are people who take cases for granted, who look at points dropped, but there is still a long way to go in the Premier League. "We have had - and have to - work incredibly hard for it and that's what we will do. It's about the boys' own expectations, so how should it look? Should it look easy straight away? If you expect an easy game, it never will be," he added. 

Fulham and Bournemouth

The manager spoke about Fulham and Bournemouth, the former with whom he drew on the opening day in London, while the latter is his next Premier League opponent: "If you qualify for the Premier League you are a Premier League team. The third newly promoted team is Nottingham Forest and I'm not sure how many players are still in the squad from the team they got promoted with. There are also different ways of doing it.

"I think at the beginning [of my time at Liverpool] we played Bournemouth in a League Cup game and [I] met Eddie Howe for the first time and things like that, and I first heard about the club, to be 100 per cent honest. Since then, I know the club quite well and I really like what they're doing, I like the little stadium there, which is nice from an atmosphere point of view and maybe not so nice from a money point of view for the club, I think. It's a special place, it's a special club. I have a lot of respect for what they are doing. They've been promoted and they're a Premier League team," he added. 


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