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Reds fans already know what to wear for the match against United

Anfield will be painted not only red 

By Charles Cornwall

Anfield will be painted not only red 
Anfield will be painted not only red 
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The most anticipated match of matchday 17 in the Premier League without a doubt is Liverpool's match against Manchester United, with local fans hoping to have a good experience at the remodeled Anfield watching their team win by a landslide as they did last month. March, the fans knowing that in order to put pressure on the rival in turn, enormous pressure will be needed through chants to be able to join as one more on the field.

While the issue of cheers and chants is resolved, now the team's fans could add to their preparation for the game the curious and fun ugly sweater that the legend Jamie Carragher shared through social networks, appearing in a video showing the design of the garment that has his face and that of Garry Neville next to a phrase that says "Oh I wish I could relive this everyday... When the Kop stars singin'g the Reds begin to play..."


There cannot be a better phrase that accompanies the situation of this match than the one on Carragher's ugly sweater, being special that Jamie is laughing while Neville is very serious about the situation that is generated in the image, and it is no wonder. Yes, Garry's reaction has been shown on video when his former team was exposed by the Reds at Anfield with a 7-0 scoreline.


This garment that looks perfect for the match against Manchester United has been presented in various colors so that people can choose the one of their choice, the burgundy color being the closest to the red that the team usually uses in its clothing. It should be noted that the value of this ugly sweater is almost 30 pounds sterling, and can be purchased online through the Redmenmerch website.

Carragher wants to celebrate another victory for his team with his garment

The former Liverpool footballer knows that his team at home is an unstoppable machine for almost any Premier League team, with United being an easy prey that should fall without many complications, this commentator hoping that Klopp and his group achieve a score higher than the 3 goals that make all the fans sing, just as the sweater says.

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