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The Reds could win more than just three points against Manchester United

The victory at Anfield opens the doors to new signings

By Charles Cornwall

The victory at Anfield opens the doors to new signings
The victory at Anfield opens the doors to new signings
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The Liverpool team knows that its great moment in the English tournament can offer it this winter the possibility of having better signings at its disposal, and after confirming the hard and long absence of Joel Matip, this team will have to find a way to find a suitable replacement, with coach Jürgen Klopp and his team seeing the duel against Manchester United as the perfect opportunity to strike a blow with a victory that captures the attention of Europe's jewels.

Apparently the Reds team has recently been interested in the services of the 18-year-old defender, Leny Yoro, an element who plays for Lille in France and has been the recent desire of institutions such as Manchester City and the Manchester United, with the Reds being able to quickly join this fight for his signing, being a good letter of introduction to reach Lille asking about their player after having obtained a resounding victory against the Red Devils.


Although it may seem absurd that one match can define the destiny of a footballer, the truth is that the Reds went through this type of situation months ago where their offers were constantly rejected, with Klopp having to do a lot of searching to find the reinforcements that today are references not only for the club, but for the league itself and its national teams.


This version of Liverpool full of good football and great players means that many of the great players who will move teams this winter take into consideration the interest that those from Merseyside may have, being no different for Leny Yoro who after two complete seasons with Lille he has found interest from big clubs in Europe that know of his potential that is still somewhat hidden.

Klopp seeks to snatch the signing from United

With a career on the rise and with an adequate value that ranges around 18 million euros, Leny Yoro is a perfect candidate to reinforce the Reds' central defense, having as a great addition that international experience having already represented the national team of France in its minor categories. For these reasons, Klopp wants to have a perfect match against United, wanting to show Lille's French defender that his best option is Liverpool, a team that currently leads the Premier League and that aims to be one of the favorites to win the title of UEFA Europa League.

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