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The extravagant car Luis Diaz could buy with his Liverpool wages

By Charles Cornwall

The extravagant car Luis Diaz could buy with his Liverpool wages

The salary that the Colombian is earning once he signed for Liverpool in England is a surprise for Colombians.  

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Luis Diaz is fulfilling a dream since signing for Liverpool and making his official debut for the Reds last season. The Colombian made the leap in quality and is now playing for one of the best clubs in the world today and that is immediately reflected in his salary. He is now the highest paid Colombian player and one of the highest paid South Americans in Europe, and is also an undisputed starter in Jurgen Klopp's squad.

According to sources in Portugal and England, Diaz will now earn a monthly salary of 290,000 euros with Liverpool, which could be worth approximately 340,000 dollars. In addition, in January he signed a contract that runs for the next five years, which means he would be earning a total of 17.5 million euros before tax. Given that figure, the native of La Guajira could start collecting luxury cars in England if he wanted to.

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In his first month playing at Anfield he was able to buy himself a a high-performance sports car such as a Lamborghini Huracán 2022. This car could be valued at around 200,000 dollars. This is one of the cars most bought by South American footballers and one of the most popular among Premier League celebrities.


For now, we will have to wait for Diaz to establish himself with Liverpool, after a somewhat difficult start to the season for the team. It is worth remembering that the talented Colombian winger has always been very humble with his possessions. In 2 years in Portugal, he was never seen to show off his cars.

And as we told before, with his first salary as a professional, the Colombian bought gold with a value of one million euros, as an investment, stating that he did not want to have parties or celebrations, instead, he wanted to buy something that in the future would go up in value and thus be able to have a little more than what he invested, a big thought if seen from a business perspective.