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The reason for Sadio Mané's departure from Liverpool revealed

By Charles Cornwall

The reason for Sadio Mané's departure from Liverpool revealed

Mané chose to leave the club this summer to join Bayern Munich, he was not feeling good about his situation in Liverpool.

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Despite winning the FA Cup and the League Cup, the air at Liverpool was more than doubtful about a possible departure of Sadio Mané in the next transfer window, a fact that finally came to fruition. Thus, the player who has been one of the club’s best players in recent years left Liverpool with one year left on his contract and amidst a sea of doubts.

More than one cause would have been the triggers for the African Cup winner with Senegal to decide to leave the club that catapulted him to stardom. Based on this, the reasons would be strictly linked to both the sporting and economic aspects.

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According to this context, the first problem that Mané faced at Liverpool was the amount of money he earned, a figure that was incredibly below several of his teammates who did not even come close to matching the striker's importance in Klopp's squad.

In this sense, the former Southampton player ended up being paid an amount of 116,500 euros per week, a number that translates into 5.5 million euros per year while, for example, Salah's salary came to double and even triple that of the Senegalese.

In addition to this, the media claims that Sané would earn almost 300,000 euros per week with his new contract at Bayern Munich, which, according to the information provided by Italian Fabrizio Romano, would be for 3 years.

Mané did not feel appreciated

Finally, another major reason why Mané has decided to leave England is because of his lack of individual recognition at Liverpool, where all eyes were on Salah when both were equally important for the Anfield club. Mané feels he needs to be the leader of his team and Bayern Munich could be the perfect place for that. 



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