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The technology Liverpool is using in training, enhancing the focus of the players

By Charles Cornwall

The technology Liverpool is using in training, enhancing the focus of the players

The club's players have been spotted training with a device on their heads.

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The players of Liverpool FC caught people's attention during a training session because they were wearing wires on their heads. It turned out that these strange devices, which players like Trent Alexander-Arnold had on their heads, are brain sensors that serve to have greater concentration at certain times and improve the mental state to perform better on the field.

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These brain sensors are a type of technology used to train the most important organ of the human body, the brain.

The wires that the players wore on their heads are known as electrodes and collect neuronal information that can be used to focus training programs on an individual basis. That is to say, after recording brain activity through these wires, it is possible to identify the aspects in which it is necessary to optimize concentration levels.

These brain monitoring systems are mainly used in the health sector during processes that require anesthesia to control oxygenation in the brain. This type of technology, which is also known as brain-machine interface, is being developed with the aim of improving the mental capacities of humans.

How is it helping Liverpool players

The objective of this technology, which is mainly applied in the health and sports sectors, is to find out in which aspects of people's daily activities, such as reading, learning, studying, etc., there are attention leaks in order to improve them. For a footballer it could increase their focus on the pitch and help their mental aspect of the game improve.

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