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The trouble Alisson Becker got into over Cristina Kirchner's remarks

By Charles Cornwall

The trouble Alisson Becker got into over Cristina Kirchner's remarks

"Liverpool's goalkeeper" became a trend on social networks, although it wasn't exactly Alisson Becker.

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Cristina Kirchner's strong criticism, which included criticism of the judiciary and the media in Argentina, turned the "Liverpool goalkeeper", or rather the Brazilian Alisson Becker, into a trend to ask for a 12-year prison sentence and disqualification from holding public office for life for the vice-president of the Nation in the trial for the Vialidad case.

"It is proven that Mauricio Macri followed and made intelligence to the relatives of the ARA San Juan, the biggest tragedy that the Argentine Navy had in times of democracy. It has been proven with videos, photographs, with everything. However, he was acquitted by the Liverpool goalkeeper, the goalkeeper of the same team that plays in the Abrojos with the president of this Court, who is (Rodrigo) Giménez Uriburu, with (Diego) Luciani, who is the prosecutor," said Kirchner from the Senate.

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"They are the ones who are protected and nothing will happen to them. You know what? Those who do have things happen to them are the Argentines, who don't have money, who don't have enough because of the indebtedness we had and because of how they destroyed what we were able to build for 12 years", she concluded.

The Liverpool goalkeeper Kirchner talks about

"This farce of the Judicial Party is the protection of those who really harm the country. It was proven that Macri persecuted and spied on the relatives of the Ara San Juan and he was acquitted by the Liverpool goalkeeper, Judge Giménez Uriburu", said Kirchner in her defence through her social networks.

This caused those who saw it to start looking into who the "Liverpool's goalkeeper" was. Uriburu was born in Bahía Blanca on 15 March 1971, is 51 years old and studied at the Catholic University of Argentina. He graduated in 1995, at the age of 24.

Together with Jorge Gorini and the late Jorge Tassara, he convicted the repressors Omar Rubens Graffigna, former commander of the Air Force, and Jorge Monteverde, former intelligence agent of that force for kidnappings and torture committed during the last dictatorship. A fortnight ago, Kirchner had shown a series of images of Luciani and Giménez Uriburu at Macri's country house, to argue that this "proves that the illicit association is theirs" as they play for the same team, Liverpool.

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