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The youngsters who have benefited from Liverpool's injuries

By Charles Cornwall

The youngsters who have benefited from Liverpool's injuries

At a press conference, Jürgen Klopp detailed the reasons behind the untimely number of injuries to his squad.

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Ahead of Monday night's trip to Old Trafford for Liverpool's match against Manchester United, manager Jurgen Klopp took questions from reporters at the AXA Training Centre. During the press conference, Klopp discussed the midfield situation in his squad and how the youngsters have taken advantage of those options.

According to the Reds' manager, the injury crisis is to some extent due to the quick turnaround from last season, the shorter pre-season and bad luck, or a mixture of all of these. Klopp questioned what went wrong with his squad, and while he claims it is a lot of bad luck, there have been a number of players who are now inactive. 

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Klopp gave the example of several players and how their injury came about, which seems in a strange way a fact of bad luck, especially in cases such as Joel Matip, Roberto Firmino or Naby Keita who have been injured out of nowhere, although some more serious than others, Liverpool's squad is badly damaged at the moment.

The youngsters

"I'm not sure the two boys Stefan Bajcetic and Bobby Clark would be so close to the first team at 17 if we had them all available and now they make real, incredible steps every day in training. That's good, but of course we would prefer to have one more striker, one more midfielder, available. Now you can change five times, but you can't change five times sometimes," Klopp said.

According to Klopp, it has been strange, but they cannot define all the cases at the same time because, according to the German manager, they have a squad where everyone is needed. "We are not like 25 or 26 players. But on the other hand, this opens up opportunities and I'm very, very happy," he said.

He also talked about how awful last week was, because it was like three players injured in that span. "You think, 'OK, what's going on,' but that's the situation we're in and now, in my mind, if we have a problem and you have the opportunity to solve it together, then you do it together, so I'm looking forward to the next games," Klopp said.