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This Liverpool legend did not hold back on his praise for Luis Diaz

By Wilian Estrella

This Liverpool legend did not hold back on his praise for Luis Diaz

The Colombian player received words of praise from a club legend.

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Luis Diaz has slowly become one of the most loved players by Liverpool fans, but also by some historical legends of the English team. The last to refer to Luis was Michel Owen, who praised the Colombian's performance and how quickly he managed to adapt to one of the biggest teams in the world.

"He really looks like he's going to fit into this team like a glove. He's a brilliant player that we've seen before and already in a fleeting appearance he seems to fit that red shirt," Owen told 'BT Sport'.

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In addition, Michael assured that Diaz is "brilliant" and indicated that the 'cafetero' looked like he was destined to play for Liverpool.

"Luis Diaz has arrived and he is just brilliant. He looks like he was destined to be in that red shirt. The way you play, the way you get up and close people down. You're a team player, then you also have magic when you get the ball," said the former England international.

Diaz looks to shine next match day

While he is showered with praise, Luis is preparing to face the next match against Crystale Palace in the Premier League as Liverpool look to recover from a disappointing loss to Fulham on the opening match of the season.

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