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This star has to stop being forced into the Liverpool team right now, Jurgen Klopp

Elliott shouldn't have been in the starting lineup

By Sergio Moya

Elliott shouldn't have been in the starting lineup
Elliott shouldn't have been in the starting lineup
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In last night's 3-1 loss to Brentford for Liverpool, the young player once again played dreadfully poorly, Elliott shouldn't have been in the starting lineup in the first place after playing in a very careless manner against Leicester City. Klopp took him off mercifully at halftime, but the damage had already been done. Liverpool was down 2-0.

Elliott is not at all to blame for this. However, the 19-year-absence old's on the defensive line is making the rest of the team's issues worse. Now is the time to remove him off the firing line no longer require Elliott, Elliott was always slated for a greater role than last year, so it's highly improbable that Klopp had anticipated the teenager to play quite as much for Liverpool this season.

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He has played in every one of the Reds' 25 games this season, though, as things stand. Would it be too harsh to say that this is a nice, condensed explanation for Liverpool's difficulties this season? The Reds would undoubtedly be several points ahead of where they are now if Thiago Alcantara, Jordan Henderson, and most importantly Naby Keita had been healthy for the entire campaign.

The key player is Keita because only he can provide Klopp an alternative. Naby has only recently returned to full fitness, therefore Elliott's participation is primarily due to his absence, the 27-year-old appears to fit a Klopp midfield more comfortably. When playing for himself, he also brings a little more poise and skill. 

He has demonstrated enough thus far

He must take Elliott's place whenever feasible now that he is prepared to play, none of this implies that Elliott is a bad player or that his time will never arrive,  in his brief career to imply that he has a bright future at Anfield, he was only signed for £1.5 million and has already more than recouped his transfer money.

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