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Three points without a game for Liverpool, Klopp explains his reasons

By Charles Cornwall

Three points without a game for Liverpool, Klopp explains his reasons

According to the German manager, if the game is not played because of a protest by United fans, Liverpool should be awarded the points.

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German manager Jurgen Klopp said Liverpool should be awarded the three points if a fan protest causes their game at Manchester United on Monday 22 August to be cancelled. Although United fans, specifically those belonging to The 1958 announced a peaceful protest, there is a section of fans who are seeking a boycott so that the match does not take place.

Erik Ten Hag made a disastrous start to the season with back-to-back defeats to Brighton and Brentford, leaving the Red Devils bottom of the Premier League. The Glazer family took most of the blame for the state Manchester United is in, and fans are desperate for the owners to sell the club and move on.

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The 1958, a Manchester United supporters' group, is leading the way in driving the Glazers out of Old Trafford, and has revealed its protest plans for the game against Liverpool on Monday night.

"An ownership that is systematically starving the world's greatest football institution of greed. We cannot allow this to continue. It is not about division, it is about unity. All United fans have the right to protest with 1958 or individually. It is not about confrontation. Anything else plays entirely into the hands of the Glazers," they told.


There is a precedent between Manchester United and Liverpool where there was a similar event where the fans protested against the Glazers, the American owners of Manchester, and the match had to be postponed for the following day due to a series of incidents that ended with several arrests and an invasion of the stadium that went around the world.

The atmosphere around Manchester is very troubled and there are increasing alerts on social media that the club's most radical supporters have started a campaign asking fans who have tickets to the match not to attend, with the aim of leaving the stadium empty as a form of protest.


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