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Trouble for Guardiola ahead of Liverpool move, player who publicly snubbed him

The Reds have the best tactician in the Premier League  

By Charles Cornwall

The Reds have the best tactician in the Premier League  
The Reds have the best tactician in the Premier League  
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Although there is almost daily talk of Mohamed Salah leaving Liverpool for the Saudi Arabian Premier League, this false information can be disproved by recent statements from the player who claims to be more than happy with his current situation with the club, There has been no mention of his possible departure from the Reds, but rather of his appreciation and gratitude to an institution and a fan base that has always supported him, feeling part of the project led by Jürgen Klopp, who has been responsible for making the Egyptian improve at all times.



While at Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has been given the task of making Mo' a much more complete attacker every weekend, at Manchester City this situation may not be the same, and according to a recent interview with striker Ferran Torres on The Wild Project channel, this player has revealed how his departure from Manchester City came about and how Guardiola had to do with it.

In the words of the Spanish player himself, it is known that he would have personally asked Pep Guardiola to leave City in order to try his luck at Barcelona, with the Spanish coach giving a positive response by not opposing his wish, emphasising above all Pep's statement that he supported Barcelona, which is a hard blow for Manchester City who trust that this coach is an unconditional member of the group.


What is surprising about the situation is the fact that Pep gave in so easily to the request of this player, and it is true that Ferran Torres did not have a great step during the two seasons in which he was with City, but perhaps Guardiola could have been more patient with this attacker and try to make him improve over the months, something that in Liverpool is very common to see with a Jürgen Klopp who does not rest until he sees his players deliver their full potential, Darwin Nunes being the most recent example of this perseverance that the coach had with his player.



Klopp knows how to earn the respect and admiration of his players  

After Ferran's statements, it is clear that Pee does not have that patience and perhaps that virtue to be able to recover players who are in a bad moment, being easier for him and for the institution to let him go and look for another replacement for which to pay large amounts of money. On Liverpool's side, Klopp is a man who is totally dedicated to solving the problems of his team.