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(VIDEO) Luis Díaz humiliated Brazil and the exciting hug with Alisson

Our Colombian shone in the South American qualifiers

By Charles Cornwall

Our Colombian shone in the South American qualifiers
Our Colombian shone in the South American qualifiers
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A stellar performance by Luis Díaz allows Colombia to come back against Brazil. Diniz's men took the lead very early with a goal from Martinelli, but two great headers from the Liverpool player turned the score around. The three points remain in coffee territory and Brazil has accumulated two defeats in a row and three games without winning. Vinicius left injured in the 27th minute with pain in his left thigh. Colombia's first victory against Brazil in the history of the South American qualifiers. Brazil, aware of the poor form they were going through, came out looking for victory from the referee's whistle. Vinicius warned in the first minute and in the fifth he was already ahead.

The Real Madrid player assisted Martinelli, who scored the first with the first touch from inside the area. An overwhelming start for the visitors that surprised Colombia. The coffee growers managed to stop that rival momentum and were able to tie, especially thanks to the plays of Luis Díaz. The high pressure was causing Diniz's team to be unable to leave their field. Martinelli's early goal was the only good news for Brazil since Vinicius was injured after half an hour. Muscular problem for the Madrid player, which adds to the loss of his teammate Camavinga. Returning to the green, the locals continued to besiege Allisson's goal and dominated for 40 minutes, but half-time arrived with the score at 0-1. The start of the second half did not disappoint either. The game was broken and there were still 45 minutes left. The time in the locker room was good for Brazil and they once again dominated.

The ball easily reached both areas but neither team managed to convert their chances. Until Luis Díaz appeared: the winger sent it inside the header in his umpteenth dangerous approach. Colombia deserved it and the Liverpool player deserved it. Not content with that, he turned the game around again with his head: a magnificent cross from James that he finished off for his double. Diniz brought out all the artillery he had left on the bench and gave Endrick his debut. It was not worth it for Brazil and the victory went to the locals.


Very important victory for Colombia, which continues without losing in these World Cup qualifiers and is placed third with nine points. Luis Díaz was crucial for his selection. Brazil is still in crisis and has seven points after five games. He won the first two but has only taken one of nine in the last three games. The next match against Argentina will be played without Vinicius. At the end of the match, the hug between Liverpool players Luis Díaz and Alisson Becker went viral.


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