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Alexander-Arnold KO'd, but Klopp already has his replacement,causing controversy

Multifunctionality on the pitch is not just TAA's specialty

By Charles Cornwall

Klopp hugs a player and TAA is worried
Klopp hugs a player and TAA is worried
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Despite being a day of joy at Anfield after Liverpool's 3-1 win over Burnley, the Merseyside institution must not be entirely happy with the discomfort that Trent Alexander Arnold suffered by the end of the first half, causing Klopp to modify his defensive lineup and try his luck with Curtis Jones, who became a media option throughout the second half.

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Without TAA and Conor Bradley on the right, the Reds coach had to take a risk with the implementation of Curtis Jones, who is not often seen in those areas of the field, but even though that is not usually one of his main functions, Jones did an impeccable job that makes the coach consider the possibility of not being Alexander who occupies that position.

After the good performance of Curtis, as well as a good job in the past weeks of Bradley, the German coach could fulfill during these last months the dream of TAA which is to be able to make incursions from the midfield, leaving the right side free so that Conor can sustain a fight with Curtis for the position, having pros and cons of this decision that can be controversial since Jones has never been a defender and Bradley is still young and to some extent inexperienced to be able to assume such a big role in such a short time.

With a high percentage of recovered balls, with all of his tackle attempts won, and with a great generation of opportunities up front, Jones earned the respect of his coach who during post-game talks only had words of appreciation for his player who was able to step up when the group needed him most.

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Although it has been said that Trent's ailments are not serious so far, this player may not return to his position if Klopp takes the risk and ventures to give that position to Jones or Bradley, leaving Trent now as a possible center back who can take over the position left by Szoboszlai due to injury, although these changes would fall apart once Klopp leaves the team, not knowing himself TAA what will happen with him, the same with Jones and Bradley who so far have not expressed wanting to leave the team, but rather wanting to fight for a place in the starting lineup.

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