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Alisson's luxury home that even Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't have

Although Becker has not been recognised as the best goalkeeper in the world, he lives like one

By Charles Cornwall

Alisson with his house and Cristiano Ronaldo very discouraged
Alisson with his house and Cristiano Ronaldo very discouraged
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Alisson Becker since his arrival at Liverpool has become the best goalkeeper in the world, and it is that after the successes achieved on Merseyside Alisson's level has improved and has been maintained. There is no other goalkeeper today who can match or surpass Becker's level during his time at Anfield.

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Liverpool can enjoy having the best goalkeeper in the world. During this season it has become clear that Becker's standard is quite good, resulting in the best defence in the Premier League so far this season. His wages are among the best at the club, sharing fifth place with Argentina's Alexis Mac Allister, with an annual salary of €7.8 million.

The Brazilian goalkeeper has been able to invest his money and has acquired a couple of very luxurious properties, and beyond his luxurious mansion at Anfield where he lives with his wife and daughter, he also has a luxurious house in the capital of Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, with an incredible view of the sea. A home worthy of the best goalkeeper in the world.

This being a unique mansion in the world, since not even Cristiano Ronaldo currently has a house like the one Becker has in Rio de Janeiro. It is a unique house. Being the envy of many of his teammates in the Brazilian national team and Liverpool.

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Alisson Becker arrived in 2018 from Roma, where he began his consolidation to become the best goalkeeper in the world, being at the time the most expensive signing of a goalkeeper, paying €62.50 million. Now, having conquered Liverpool, Becker is 31 years old and has a contract with the Reds until 2027, so the Brazilian can still bring more joy to Merseyside. Despite this Becker has been underappreciated for not being recognised for what he is, the best goalkeeper in the world and by far.

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