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Arsenal player Bukayo Saka is a lie and Diogo Jota is a lie.

Diogo Jota with an incredible level this season

By Charles Cornwall

 Diogo Jota with Bukayo Saka
Diogo Jota with Bukayo Saka
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The great quality of Diogo Jota has never been doubted, and since his arrival he has shown great quality. Despite this, the level that the Portuguese has been demonstrating this season has been fabulous, as his goalscoring quota is quite good, which has made him one of the team's top scorers, being a very consistent player.

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The level shown this season by Jota has been enough to score a total of 14 goals in 27 games played, being a player with a great final definition. This is undoubtedly a great quality, as Jota knows how to find positions that give the advantage to his team, always alert to be at the right time to be able to define.

Jota is also a player with great speed who has done great things on the left side and on some occasions has played on the right side. This places him as one of the best players in his position, above the Gunners' best player in attack, where Bukayo Saka is the focal point of the attack. However, the Englishman is below Jota's level.

Although Bukayo is destined to be one of the future promises of world football, at the moment his level is overshadowed by more experienced players like Jota, and Saka has scored a total of 13 goals in 31 games in all competitions. with The Gunners. Being that Jota has more goals and in fewer games.

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The small big difference between Saka and Jota

While the numbers between these two don't look that different, Bukayo Saka has 2,533 minutes played this season, while Jota only has 1,531, making it 1,002 more minutes played by the Gunners attacker. Furthermore, although Jota is one of the team's scorers, he is not the Reds' best player at the highest level, while in the case of Bukayo he is their best attacking player.

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