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Don't be fooled, refereeing's latest robbery of Liverpool

This doesn't just affect one team, the great decline of refereeing

By Charles Cornwall

 Liverpool very angry with the VAR
Liverpool very angry with the VAR
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Although technology has been implemented in professional football matches, with the supposed help of VAR. What at first seemed to be a great idea to mix technology into the sport, however this has not been as expected, and if it has not been a failure, it has not yielded good results.

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So far it has only generated more doubts about what could help solve major dilemmas, and that is that despite being able to look at the replays to be able to rule a play. This has not been the case, and the help of technology does not seem to be optimal, as it has only given more doubts, for not being able to solve the problems for which it was created.

This became clear after Sunday's match where Sheffield United hosted Brighton, which was marked by a play in which Sheffield United defender Mason Holgate committed a criminal foul on Brighton midfielder Kaoru Mitoma. While the foul ended with a clear red card for Holgate, it had to be reviewed for a straight red.

This is undoubtedly one of the worst refereeing performances of the season, as it was first booked for a yellow. This was a play where the Sheffield Wednesday defender went with his foot up to strike his opponent's thigh, giving a fatal blow to the Japanese midfielder Mitoma. As a result, referee Stuart Attwel had to review the play again to determine the red card.

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The complex situation that teams around the world now have to deal with is that VAR seems to have brought more problems for referees, who have consistently had serious failings in determining certain plays. So VAR has not represented any improvement in decision making. This is clear from the play in the Sheffield Wednesday v Brighton match, where only by looking at the play for the first time can it be clearly seen that it is a straight red, and neither the VAR nor the referee had the ability to properly determine this play.

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