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Guardiola is furious when he learns that his stars are not up to par with Reds

The Reds have demands that Manchester City fail to grasp

By Charles Cornwall

Manchester City worried and Klopp happy
Manchester City worried and Klopp happy
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After 25 Premier League matchdays, Liverpool is the leader of the competition with 57 points after having obtained its last victory against Brentford, keeping a minimum sale against Arsenal and above all against a Manchester City team that threatens to take the lead, with the figures of the cytizen club not being as influential as those of Merseyside so far.

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The comparison between a figure in Guardiola and Klopp's squad could be between Kevin de Bruyne and Mohamed Salah, emblematic players of both institutions who, through their offensive contributions, are usually the reference points of their respective groups, both recently returning from injury with a contribution to the scoreboard that was more applauded in Manchester than on Merseyside.

While more than half of England was stunned with a fine goal and assist performance from Kevin de Bruyne, on Merseyside and around Liverpool it was not of such magnitude with the return of Salah who did the same against Brentford, passing this situation as Mo' is not a player who is used to being cheered for such small goals, with the Egyptian setting higher benchmarks that cost work to achieve but undoubtedly leave some kind of reward to the group and his legacy.

Arguments about discrimination against Salah and his contribution to the Premier League have arisen as a result of this situation, with debates claiming that what Kevin has done has more merit since he was returning from a six-month injury compared to Salah's which did not exceed three weeks, with variants emerging such as pointing to the press in favor of Manchester City as well as another small group claiming that Salah has always been demanded without being often rewarded for his immediate achievements.

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While the press continues to marvel at the less consistent performances of the likes of Erling Haaland, on Merseyside the Egyptian attacker is quietly working to lead his side to the EFL Cup title, improving through performances such as this matchday 25 where his goal and assist not only helped them to a 4-1 win but also to write his name into the select list of players who have managed 30 goals/assists in 30 different PL games alongside former stars such as Wayne Rooney and Tierry Henry.

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