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Jurgen Klopp came close to getting hurt by referee Tim Robinson

A very special guy who will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark in England

By Charles Cornwall

Klopp lying on the field and Tim Robinson
Klopp lying on the field and Tim Robinson
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There are several coaches in the Premier League today who are world class and have a unique way of experiencing games. A unique way of experiencing games, however Jürgen Klopp is a very expressive manager, whether it be in his grimaces, his exclamations or even his celebrations, the German is undoubtedly one of the most intense managers in the world, and in every game you can see Klopp do things out of the ordinary.

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The game against Burnley was no exception, and while Jürgen Klopp was a little quiet for most of the game, it wasn't until the second half, when the newly introduced Harvey Elliott contested a ball down the flank near the dugouts, where Elliott clearly smashed the ball over Burnley defender Hannes Delcroix. However, this was flagged in Burnley's favour, so Klopp exploded at the sight of it.

From being calm and wanting to point out that the ball was in Liverpool's favour, Klopp did not hesitate to complain loudly, exclaiming with an abrupt movement of his right arm to the left side that ended up knocking him down, however, and despite having fallen a little badly, the German coach did not stop in his complaint, getting up quickly and approaching the fourth official to continue with his claim.

Faced with such a situation, the German coach tried to lighten the embarrassing moment by arguing with the fourth official, who looked at him seriously and fixedly while Klopp could not hold his laughter and while continuing to talk to the fourth official he laughed. This is one of the most iconic moments, as the manager has had other moments such as when he was injured celebrating the 4th goal against Tottenham last season. So these moments are iconic and continue to mark what are Klopp's final moments in the Premier League.

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While this event seems to be an everyday occurrence in Jürgen Klopp's game, after slipping in the game against Burnley, the German coach could have injured himself, and while the German coach and some of the bench were laughing after Klopp's moment, it could have had a worse ending, as he could have injured himself changing the end of his era at Anfield where he could have missed a few games. However, this event will go down as one of Klopp's last great Premier League shows.

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