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They want to be like us, but the reason why Arsenal will never be that great

Liverpool continue to prove they are the biggest team in England

By Charles Cornwall

 Klopp laughing at Arsenal
Klopp laughing at Arsenal
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Despite Liverpool's loss to Arsenal last time out, the Reds remain top of the Premier League, and after an excellent first half performance, the Reds are able to maintain their lead despite suffering a defeat. After this game, it was clear how important Liverpool are to the Premier League.

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The Gunners celebrated in an excessive way their victory against Liverpool, demonstrating Liverpool's greatness. In addition to the Arsenal celebrations, Spanish manager Mikel Arteta was seen celebrating with the Gunners fans in a similar way to the way Jürgen Klopp has been celebrating after games at Anfield for more than five years.

This shows that they are just imitators of what Liverpool can do, and for Curtis Jones this is a good sign that they are doing things right as he said: "The manager himself, the way he used to celebrate with the fans and stuff like that. Just like us. So if they want to steal things from us, it shows that we're on the right track and we've got people copying us".

The Reds' young midfielder made it clear what the Reds' role has been this season, as every team wants to match what has been done so far by Jürgen Klopp and his team, but this team is something special and could end up doing something very special at the end of the season to bid a fitting farewell to the German manager, who has become the centre of attention in his final season at Liverpool.

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After the match on Sunday 4 February, a cycle closes in one of the rivalries that just started between the German Jürgen Klopp and the Spanish Mikel Arteta, where they played a total of 14 matches with a very favourable balance for the German as there are 3 defeats, 5 draws and 6 wins for Klopp in this short but intense rivalry.

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