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Ridiculous Arsenal celebrate win over Liverpool as a title

Victories over the Reds this season will be eternal glories for small teams

By Charles Cornwall

The Arsenal team celebrating and Klopp very mocking
The Arsenal team celebrating and Klopp very mocking
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After Liverpool lost to Arsenal, the team led by Spaniard Mikel Arteta celebrated in style at their stadium, as Mikel Arteta was seen celebrating and doing laps around the pitch in a similar fashion to when Arteta won his first 2019-2020 title with the Gunners, so this victory is a big surprise for the Gunners.

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This after the Reds knocked the Gunners out of the FA Cup a month ago, while the Gunners' win over the Reds, while giving Arsenal life in the Premier League title race, will keep them in second place and if they win their next games the Citizens will be in second or even first place. So this win represents nothing more than a mini-hope for the Gunners.

In addition to this defeat for the Reds, the Reds had previously lost in September 2023 in the Premier League to Tottenham on matchday 7. It was the Reds' first defeat of the season this season, but another Reds defeat that was celebrated with much passion.

Spurs celebrated as they have seldom celebrated a victory, as the players brought their families onto the pitch and you could see that when Liverpool lose, the other teams celebrate with great excitement. With the Reds being the main rivals to beat in England, so it is customary that every time another team beats the Reds the celebrations will be euphoric.

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The teams in England are demonstrating that one of their greatest desires is to beat the Premier League. While the teams that have beaten the Reds in the Europa League have shown that they are teams that can measure up to anyone and go out and give a great game, without needing to boast so much about a simple victory, they have shown great class.

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