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Jurgen Klopp's harsh criticism after Henderson signed for Ajax

Klopp shows his class and maturity, he's undoubtedly the best in the world

By Charles Cornwall

Klopp criticizing and Henderson with Ajax
Klopp criticizing and Henderson with Ajax
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Jordan Henderson quickly found an excellent way out of Arabia, and after reports emerged that the former Reds captain was unhappy in Arabia, it didn't take long for him to be approached by teams from Europe's top leagues and the elite. And so it came to pass that he joined one of the biggest clubs in the Netherlands, Ajax Amsterdam.

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Jordan Henderson's latest low blow before he left Arabia to sign for Ajax

This is undoubtedly great news for Henderson, who with his family had a difficult time in the Middle East, as culture shock was perhaps the last thing on his mind when he moved, as everything seems to be different in Arabia, both the climate and the culture made Henderson regret leaving Merseyside.

This decision has not gone unnoticed by anyone, as now the Ajax player seems to continue to experience a lot of criticism from both the press and Liverpool fans. So there are also those who, while not coming to his defence, put in their place all those who continue to criticise the decisions made by Henderson.

Jürgen Klopp, who coincided with Jordan Henderson at Liverpool when the manager arrived on Merseyside in 2015, when Henderson had already earned a place as a leader of the team. So their coincidence at Anfield gave Liverpool great triumphs. Together they marked a successful period and Klopp does not forget this and defended the decisions made by Henderson.

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Klopp's words to end Henderson's criticism

After Henderson's decision to leave Arabia at all costs, these were Klopp's words: "I don't read these stories, people are critical of the move, first there and now coming back. I don't know how we dare to judge, we have a life and sometimes you make decisions and it's different after you make them." Klopp being the only one to clarify this situation with these big words, as life changes from one moment to the next.

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