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Meet Jota's new nickname that could go viral against Brentford this weekend

The Portuguese attacker has returned to prominence in the squad

By Charles Cornwall

 Brentford vs Liverpool and Diogo Jota celebrating a goal
Brentford vs Liverpool and Diogo Jota celebrating a goal
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With Mohamed Salah soon to return to the starting lineup, it is expected that coach Jürgen Klopp may make some changes to his game plan that he has been presenting throughout the month of January, being difficult for the German tactician to decide who will be the one to go to the substitutes' bench before the reintegration of the Egyptian, taking therefore much relevance to the match against Brentford, where each of the members of the attacking sector will try to earn a place as a starter.

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One of the players who has been able to take advantage of Salah's absence during all these weeks has been the Portuguese Diogo Jota, an element that through his goals and assists has been one of the stars of the team, obtaining a witty nickname through social networks such as X, who refer to the international as "DioGOAT" Jota.

The play on words between his first name and the word "Goat" is fantastic, being this nickname not only ingenious, but also true, since, thanks to his goals and assists, he has been able to give the institution that offensive potential that it was said would not be enough without the Egyptian leading them.

So great has been his participation throughout the month of January and these days of February that his numbers have grown to the point of having achieved the record of being the first Portuguese to have scored more than 50 goals as a Liverpool player, entering Diogo to the institution's record books that usually usually have Mohamed Salah as the protagonist.

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It is true that Jota's great work as a player of the Reds has been badly valued not only by the environment of the institution, but also by everyone, but even with that against him, the attacker will try to get his starting place at least in these last months in what will be managed by Klopp, hoping that the stage can bring him more luck to the point of surpassing what has been done so far, being achievable to think of being the best Portuguese in the Premier League, even though for many it is impossible that a compatriot of Cristiano Ronaldo can do what he once achieved with Manchester United.

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