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The reason why Klopp lost to Arsenal in such a manner has been revealed

The German coach's big mistake has been revealed

By Charles Cornwall

Arsenal vs Liverpool match and Klopp concerned
Arsenal vs Liverpool match and Klopp concerned
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In the analysis of the match between Liverpool and Arsenal, there are many aspects that can be pointed out as negative and that caused the 3-1 defeat, but beyond a lack of offensive understanding during the first half and some defensive errors throughout the 90 minutes, it seems that the key to the team's second false step in the campaign was due to having started with Darwin Nunez on the substitutes' bench.

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Given the lack of efficiency Nunez has had in front of goal, it has been thought that his implementation from the substitutes' bench is the best idea, and although in a couple of games this change by Klopp was functional, it seems that his disappearance from the starting lineup is more a mistake than a success, because according to data from Liverpool FC Latam, it is said that the 4 defeats of the institution this season have come when the Uruguayan does not appear in the starting eleven.

The duels mentioned in the publication made by this account in X are the ones they had against Tottenham 2-1, against Toulouse 3-2, against USG 2-1 and finally against Arsenal 3-1, marking a curious trend in which the importance of this player in the starting lineup is demonstrated beyond his little interference in the shots on goal even though he is a striker.

It is true that with the passing of the weeks the importance of Nunez in the starting lineup has been growing in a disproportionate way, and even more during this last month where his soccer has had to be the one that in some aspects supplants that of Mohamed Salah, not disappointing at all this Uruguayan attacker that even with his failures on goal has maintained a good average of assists and goals per game.

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With Salah getting closer and closer to returning to games, it is true that some extra work will stop putting pressure on Nunez, allowing this striker to have a greater peace of mind to try to get more goals than he has, although of course, Darwin's specialty so far has been assists, being perhaps more convenient to see him return to that dynamic with Mo' that gave them so many good results at the beginning of the season.

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