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Thiago's statistic no one wanted to hear at Anfield, cheap shot at Klopp

Despite his great quality, injuries halted his Liverpool career

By Charles Cornwall

Alcantara and Klopp very serious and annoying
Alcantara and Klopp very serious and annoying
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Thiago Alcántara's days on Merseyside seem to be numbered, as after his recovery and his new injury, the Spaniard does not seem to have more space at Liverpool, despite the fact that Thiago was a player of great commitment to the club, giving everything during the games he was able to play during his time at Liverpool, where he made clear his great world class.}

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However, Thiago's numbers since his arrival in 2020 have been marked by injuries as he has only managed 98 appearances in almost four years with the Reds. Since his arrival at the Reds he has been sidelined by illness, as when he arrived at the Reds he suffered from Coronavirus, as well as physical problems in his knee, calf, thigh and hip.

With a total of 109 games in which the Spanish international was unable to play for Liverpool due to injury, out of 207 games that have been played since his arrival, this has undoubtedly diminished his time on Merseyside, as Alcántara has not even managed to play 50% of the possible games played, which is a real shame as it is practically a waste of a great talent.

Despite his poor spell at Liverpool, Thiago is a player loved by the fans. So if he leaves at the end of this season, he will always be well remembered on Merseyside, and not just by the fans, as everyone at Liverpool was delighted with Thiago's quality, and while he is an incredible player, he is even more incredible as a person.

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Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders had this to say about Thiago at the end of last year: "I must say we miss him. This is because Thiago's last injury when he had hip surgery was the longest he had been out for 281 days. As well as missing him, Lijnders had this to say about the Reds' midfield had Thiago been ready earlier: "Can you imagine our new midfielders that people are talking about, and then you have Thiago Alcántara in the middle as well? The experience, the way that." this would have made Liverpool a better team than they look at the moment, as well as having a greater number of variations.

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