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While in England they imitate Klopp, in Latin America he triumphs in networks

Jürgen Klopp's impact on world soccer is unbelievable

By Charles Cornwall

 Klopp happy with social networks
Klopp happy with social networks
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Since Jürgen Klopp has been the center of attention after announcing his departure from the club at the end of the season, there have been several occasions in which various people have tried to steal the German's thunder through comments or imitations such as his celebration, This happened with Mikel Arteta or Gary O'Neil who could not resist the temptation to be like their idol and make the classic hand movement to the sound of the screams of the fans in the stands, being very recognizable this celebration of the Reds strategist that has crossed the European barriers and reached Spanish lands where lovers of the club and his work have made a meme to remember him in this his last season on Merseyside.

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In addition to informing various accounts on X what happens in the day to day of the team and the German coach, Spanish-speaking fans have tried to brighten up the bad luck regarding the injuries that have occurred in recent days, making viral an image of the coach where he is shown somewhat exhausted when responding to the media about the problems of his group, accompanying that moment with a phrase that says, "I'm tired boss".

The phrase came directly from the movie The Green Mile, where in the Latin American dub there is a moment in which the aforementioned phrase is mentioned, placing the cold interview with Klopp where you can see him somewhat exhausted from everything that has happened after the victory against Brentford.

It is true that Klopp himself had already indicated in previous interviews the desire to leave the technical section for a while due to exhaustion, taking this fact a little humorously to point out the concern that Klopp must be going through at this time where his squad is limited in resources and good soccer due to unexpected injuries that came at the worst possible time.

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As the Reds team is made up of players from South America, it is normal that people from the American continent follow Liverpool's games a lot, and there is a great acceptance of the team due to the great passion they have in every game, with Klopp being supported in this end of his time with the Reds where many want his farewell to be with as many trophies as possible, with the Carabao Cup being the first of four goals set.

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