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Liverpool with a terrible first half in first preseason game

The Reds are facing Manchester United in Thailand

By Charles Cornwall

The Reds are facing Manchester United in Thailand
The Reds are facing Manchester United in Thailand
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The start of the preseason couldn't be worse for Jürgen Klopp's pupils. This first 45 minutes of football tell us that Liverpool is 3-0 down against Manchester United are a complete nightmate for the Reds. Defensive mistakes, and amazing goals from our rivals are making the team look like an amateur team. A lot of these names maybe won't make it to the first team. 

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For the reds, this is the starting eleven: Alisson, N. Phillips, I. Mabaya, J. Gómez, L. Chambers, T. Morton, J. Henderson, F. Carvalho, H. Elliot, L. Díaz and R. Firmino. MANCHESTER UNITED: D. De Gea, L. Shaw, V. Lindelof, R. Varane, Diogo Dalot, S. McTominay, Fred, J. Sancho, B. Fernandes, M. Rashford, A. Martial. 

Everything started to go bad with just 12 minutes of game, when a poorly reception from Mabaya ended with a deflection straight into Jadon Sancho's foot, and he took advantage of that to score the first goal. Eighteen minutes later, the second score from United took place. This time, an amazing lob from brazilian midfielder Fred made it imposibble for Alisson to prevent the goal and with 30 minutes Liverpool was 2-0 down. Last goal of the first half has Anthony Martial's signature, with an amazing one v one face to face with Alisson. He changed the post and made it 3-0 for Man U. 

The second half won't be much different

Although Manchester United won't count with their best player, Cristiano Ronaldo, this advantage they made in the first half I think will be definitory. Besides, both teams will make at least two full squad changes for the start of the second half and another one the last thirty minutes of the game, where we'll see players like Mo Salah and Darwin Núñez. 

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