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Liverpool players will try to dedicate winning the final, and it's not to Klopp

The trophy is a goal with a certain sentimental value for the group

By Charles Cornwall

Klopp very surprised and furious
Klopp very surprised and furious
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Although Liverpool has been the most questioned club in the Carabao Cup final as they have a squad full of injured players, this group led in strategy by Jürgen Klopp does not think of any other objective other than to lift the title that awaits them at Wembley, and the players are prepared for a surprise if they manage to beat Chelsea and lift the trophy, being dedicated the title not to their coach who is soon to retire, but rather to one of his teammates who could not accompany them due to injury.

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The player to whom the trophy would be dedicated would be Curtis Jones, a player who throughout the competition turned out to be one of the most crucial elements to have achieved the feat of reaching the final at Wembley, being surely very frustrating for this player not to be able to be active in a championship in which he would surely have had the opportunity to play.

It should be noted that Jones has been one of the most unlucky players with Liverpool when it comes to playing in finals, and due to several problems, Jones has not been able to play in four finals, staying in each of them just in the semifinals, instance in which he managed to score one of the three goals of the overall score for this Carabao Cup.

During this season, Jones has become one of the most consistent players for Klopp, giving results either as a starter or substitute, generating in 28 games a total of 5 goals and 3 assists, being 3 of his five goals generated precisely in this edition of the EFL Cup.

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Within the changes that the departure of Klopp implies, the Reds will surely find under the new coach some new opportunities for young and talented people in the group, being Jones one of the most attentive to this type of situations to be able to take some position in the field, having in this campaign the necessary minutes to support his work.

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