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Man City may have more money, but they'll never beat Liverpool at this

Money doesn't last forever, history does, and the Reds are at the top of the world

By Charles Cornwall

Manchester City worried and Klopp happy
Manchester City worried and Klopp happy
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Given the current state of many teams, where they have benefited from the acquisition of people with a lot of money, resulting in a team with incredible financial capital. However, despite the fact that many teams continue to generate local titles, this is not enough to surpass what has been done for many years, with teams of great tradition that have marked the history of football.

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Such is currently the case in the Premier League, where although Manchester City is a team with many years of history, it was not until 2008 that the Citizens began to have some success in England, when they were acquired by the Abu Dhabi United Group. Despite their recent successes, Manchester City remain in the shadow of several teams in England, with Liverpool remaining by far the best team in the Premier League.

While in terms of titles Liverpool still remains far ahead of the Citizens, the popularity gained in recent years by Manchester City has been, despite this, that according to Transfermarkt's data on the highest revenue from shirt sales and marketing, Liverpool is the fourth team worldwide, behind only Barcelona who produce €179 million, Real Madrid €155 million, Bayern Munich €147 million while Liverpool have a revenue of €132 million.

So Liverpool remains one of the most loved teams in the world, and people continue to consume a lot of the Reds. This is all thanks to the place Liverpool were already in and have been kept in so far by Jürgen Klopp. The German coach is currently one of the most popular factors at Anfield.

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The curious case of Manchester City

In this list you can see other Premier League teams besides Liverpool, as in fifth place is Manchester United with €130 million, in eighth place is Chelsea with €87 million and tenth place is Tottenham with €74 million. The curious thing about this is that Manchester City does not appear on this list, and the Citizens are one of the teams that reported the highest revenue in 2021-2022, turning over up to €700 million.

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